Identify bottlenecks and improve time and processes

We develop research and evaluation projects to point bottlenecks that hinder the increase of production. Based on these analyzes we propose investment projects to improve yield by accelerating the production process, reducing scrap and waste, and optimizing the use of resources through time and streamlining processes. The analysis developed use among other tools PERT or Gantt charts types.

Optimizing production and resource lay-outs

After reviewing needs and functions required in the area under study (usually Production), we propose a new distribution plant that rationalize and accelerate flows associated logistics and improves process quality and simplify management. Once the proposal is accepted by the customer, we plan and organize the transfer of equipment and the adaptation of new points of service in the facility to meet the proposed new lay-out. We also handle cranes, and civil & industrial works.

Cost accounting

This accounting often is forgotten or neglected, and in the best cases it is only driven without a strict protocol. After a systematically data collection, we develop a new accounting that throws an analytical reading that often is a complete surprise.

Process reengineering

The continuous flow of technological contributions together with the industrial competition market pressure, today become powerful reasons (but obligations) to introduce changes to the production processes of your company. Reengineering offer you the possibility to innovate from the roots of the process with a new fresh view to face present and future challenges.