Fluid Department

Liquid pumping

Under our experience in pumping technology and applying the necessary detailed design we propose the best options to drive fluids saving problems like water hammer, cavitation, phase separation, chemical compatibility, life of materials, redundancy of systems, and everything necessary to provide a pumping service 100% reliable 365 days a year.

Filtering of liquids and gases

Development of projects to purify fluids using different types of filtration: diatoms, empty plates, membranes, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis,… counting on treatment applications before and after filtering in order to optimize processes.
We also have the resources to carry out tests at industrial scale to ensure results.

Thermal energy transfer

Implement of thermal energy transfer or extraction systems through heat exchangers and refrigeration groups. We also pay special attention to the expansion and contraction on auxiliary systems to absorb or compensate dilatation effect, while optimizing the energy efficiency not only during operation but also during starts and stops.

Hydraulic and pneumatic installations

Hydraulic or pneumatic utility is quite simple by itself, even to install, but we believe it is necessary to pay special emphasis on the different components and the quality of compressed air (particle filtration, oil filtration, and reduction of moisture). Other basic points are the various security systems, norms and regulations, guide for a proper preventive maintenance, problem detection and diagnosis.