Who we are

Who we are?

We are the union of several engineers and technicians with experience in sectors as diverse as:

  • Pharmacy

  • Chemistry

  • Food

  • Metallurgy, machining and boiler construction

  • Industrial utilities

  • Logistics

  • Organization and Management

  • Industrial Health and Safety

  • Care to Environment

Above all Steyk brings added value through their field professionals, and our background is deeply rooted in the work on site far beyond the desks. This is our success secret.

Our purpose

Accompany your enterprise in its transformation to grow and innovate.
Add our experience and technical capabilities to your ideas.
Provide our spirit and knowledge to apply only reliable solutions and satisfactory results.
And all at reasonable fees, far away from the prices of a big engineering company, thanks to a flexible and light structure.

Tools and philosophy of work

Our philosophy is to meet your industrial problems without underestimating any proposal however small, and providing the appropriate treatment and care. To develop our work mainly we will use three tools:

  • A team consisting of engineers and technicians who accumulate extensive experience gained in multidisciplinary projects within major international companies

  • Using modern design tools and engineering protocols

  • A network of industrial enterprises made only with renowned and proven expertise