Mechanical Department

Process and machinery Reengineering

In front of a continuous challenge to increase yield and functionalities of machinery to become more competitive, we project total or partial upgrades and modernizations of the existing machinery through design, construction and assembling of new components.

Boiler works

Design, calculation and development of reactors, fermenters, storage tanks, tubular and plate heat exchangers, shredders, turners, and all kinds of industrial machinery in accordance with the regulations concerning pressure vessels through ASME calculation methodologies, TEMA and AD Merkblatt.

Metal structures and platforms

Taking in consideration the static and dynamic loads involved in the application, we conceive and build supporting structures and platforms to access machinery, stand reactors or storage tanks, connecting auxiliary services, and all them adapted to the real possibilities of location in order to provide simplicity, order, quality, efficiency and ergonomics in all industrial operations.


Design of routing for industrial services driven along piping as process purified waters, transport of product (pharmaceutical or industrial), hard water, steam and condensates, compressed air, pneumatic transport of solids,… all supported in racks with sufficient capacity to absorb potential growth and expansion.